Noisy Silence.

Silence I’m sitting in my living room right now. Complete silence.
I can barely keep my eyes open.
Head back, eyes closed.
No tv, no radio, no talking, just me and my mind. Complete silence?
I’m alone, except for my favorite pet bunny and a terrorist kitten on the prowl!
No one here to hear my “silence”.
My noisy silence!
I hear my every click of the keyboard, the humming of the computer.. the tv on mute. Yes, it’s true I can hear the muted tv. I hear my rabbit eating his kibbles and the dishwasher clanking.. clank clack clackkkk…..

I guess the saying “silence is golden” holds true to life. If you can ever experience true silence then it will definitely be golden!

I’m not real sure silence exist. Even if I sat completely silent no typing, no bunnies or dishwashers….

Would I experience this golden silence? Hhmmm… I don’t know about you but my inner voice is loud!! :)


   As I sit here relaxing…wine in hand and computer on lap,  wanting to write something to share , I realize how freaking happy I am!!  I feel peace with this moment.  I feel satisfaction with the day that unfolded and the path it took.  And now with my heart and mind full of accomplishment , and productivity, I’m trying to find the word for this feeling.  This feeling does not always come easy but tonight it feels so so good!  I am CONTENT.   When I say the word content or when I have the feeling of  full contentment I have feelings of peace, joy, love, happiness, and a satisfaction with simply being.  Just being here on my bed listening to my boyfriend put together a desk in the other room, my daughter harassing the cat and the yumminess of my wine (Riesling is best).

My definition of contentment:

“not feeling the need or want for anything.  Not a care in the world.”

*I decided to look up the “official” definition of the word… this is what I found.

Seems so sterile :(  I mean compared to my definition, the almighty” Webster” does not really define the word.  This definition makes me wonder what your definition may be on the word.  To me the feeling of contentment is a grand accomplishment!!!  I do not feel content every day by any means, actually, I wish I could feel content everyday. It takes work to feel at peace with your life, to be thankful for the little things, and to not want more than we have.  Does anyone feel content everyday with their life? Just living life … just being?