Trapped In My Own Mind


I hate that my mind seems to control my life! I have a peaceful heart, a simple mindset, but my thoughts refuse to let me be those things! I just want to let life live

But this girls mind here, WILL NOT allow it! I let my thoughts continue to control my life and alter my moods. Good, happy, content moods at that!?

**Geezzz!? “More thoughtless thoughts coming your way, take that!
And this!
And love that, fear this, fight that.. And OCD all things over there!? ” Ohhhhh… And let’s not forget WE MUST CONTROL EVERYTHING

I meannnnn realllyyyy… What kind of peaceful content life would it be without trying to control every damn thing?? Huh?

Some people are just really good at it, letting life flow… For me it is something I must work at every minute of every day!


Motivation!! Motivate. Motivated….Or lack of.


Ughhhhh!!!! I hate when I have no drive! Drive to exercise, eat right or follow my goals for 2014! Absolutely no motivation this morning, or the past two weeks. I’m feeling a rut coming on, and I’m not digging it, not at all. Contrary to my “rich girl” blog, I am in a post 2014 blues rut! I always set myself up for a wonderful new year, with a list of goals and accomplishments, only to realize about 6 weeks in, that it’s not likely I’ll cross much off the list. My number one goal at the moment is to exercise. I’m older now and due to my love of food and wine, I figure I need to balance it out with some exercise. My least favorite activity in life EVER.

The new year is always my favorite, I love the thought of having an opportunity to start fresh. Giving myself a new chance or new start at ME!

What’s your New Years been like so far? Have you managed to cross anything off the list?
Because, erase leg dimples by March, has not happened for me yet!


I feel like “a rich girl”

I have A wonderful family that loves me.
I feel loved and appreciated!
I am content.
I am in love.
I love my children, my soon to be husband, my life, and my awesome God.
I am in love with the peace and contentment surrounding me.
I have a wonderful view from my window, and a warm home full of natural light.
I am blessed.
I feel more rich than the richest person in the world.
I can buy food and clothes, I can go out to eat with my family.
We laugh and act silly! We play games and argue about who’s turn is next.
Do I have a million bucks in the bank?

By looking at us… You would think so ;)




Noisy Silence.

Silence I’m sitting in my living room right now. Complete silence.
I can barely keep my eyes open.
Head back, eyes closed.
No tv, no radio, no talking, just me and my mind. Complete silence?
I’m alone, except for my favorite pet bunny and a terrorist kitten on the prowl!
No one here to hear my “silence”.
My noisy silence!
I hear my every click of the keyboard, the humming of the computer.. the tv on mute. Yes, it’s true I can hear the muted tv. I hear my rabbit eating his kibbles and the dishwasher clanking.. clank clack clackkkk…..

I guess the saying “silence is golden” holds true to life. If you can ever experience true silence then it will definitely be golden!

I’m not real sure silence exist. Even if I sat completely silent no typing, no bunnies or dishwashers….

Would I experience this golden silence? Hhmmm… I don’t know about you but my inner voice is loud!! :)