Motivation!! Motivate. Motivated….Or lack of.


Ughhhhh!!!! I hate when I have no drive! Drive to exercise, eat right or follow my goals for 2014! Absolutely no motivation this morning, or the past two weeks. I’m feeling a rut coming on, and I’m not digging it, not at all. Contrary to my “rich girl” blog, I am in a post 2014 blues rut! I always set myself up for a wonderful new year, with a list of goals and accomplishments, only to realize about 6 weeks in, that it’s not likely I’ll cross much off the list. My number one goal at the moment is to exercise. I’m older now and due to my love of food and wine, I figure I need to balance it out with some exercise. My least favorite activity in life EVER.

The new year is always my favorite, I love the thought of having an opportunity to start fresh. Giving myself a new chance or new start at ME!

What’s your New Years been like so far? Have you managed to cross anything off the list?
Because, erase leg dimples by March, has not happened for me yet!


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